Surfrider Hilo Chapter

Who We Are



As a member of the human species on the planet of Earth, Garrett has journeyed all across America and parts of the world in search of adventure. Growing up in New England and going to the University of New Hampshire inspired the Westward move to California in search of year-round ocean experiences. Landing in Santa Barbara in 2001, Garrett continued his work as an ocean kayak guide at the Channel Islands National Park. In 2009 he traded in his paddle for a backpack and headed out on the Appalachian Trail for 6 months to thru-hike from Georgia to Maine. Upon completing this 2,200-mile experience, he returned to Santa Barbara, CA to live in a barn working with a friend to start a live internet streaming company called After a year of streaming Polo matches around the world, and opportunity to purchase the kayak company at the Channel Islands came about, so he and two previous guides bought and started Channel Islands Outfitters. 2 years later they became the first adventure/service based Benefit Corporation in the World and were awarded Best of the World honors for environmental and community leadership. Garrett served on the National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council for the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary from 2012 until he moved to Hawaii in 2017. Garrett and his wife Kaia, Executive Director of Save the Mermaids (a California based non-for-profit), moved to Hawaii Island to pursue both equestrian and oceanic endeavors. Landing in Pa’auilo Mauka at Ahu Lani Sanctuary (a 24-acre conservation Native Forest) allows them to stay engaged in marine education/preservation while raising their horses, goats, chickens in a lush environment. In 2018 Garrett joined up with Surfrider with the mission of creating an island-wide citizen-science water testing program to establish data to determine what effect, if any, the watersheds are having on coastal ocean health. 

Vice Chair


Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Erica has been immersed in nature all her life. She moved to Hawai‘i in 2001, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Marine Science and Conservation Biology from the University of Hawai’i Hilo. As a certified scientific diver, Erica has worked with the Hawai‘i Division of Aquatic Resources, Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and local non-profits conducting underwater surveys. Erica has worked with local communities for several years in marine education and outreach, supporting community-based projects in Hawaii. Erica joined CORAL in January 2014 as the Hawaii Program manager. 




Kaimana is a brand consultant who is dedicated to the preservation and cultural enhancement of the treasures of his island home, Hawaii. He volunteers and serves on multiple boards with a focus on the intergenerational exchange of knowledge and wisdom. His primary efforts in serving Surfrider is to continue the spread of educational awareness on the impact our presence has on such a delicate and beautiful ecosystem. 










Liana is an Environmental Educator, Coordinator & Researcher who is dedicated ridge to reef restoration practices in the Hawaiian Islands. She received her Masters Degree at UHM in Oceanography, focusing on coral reef ecology and biogeochemistry. With a background in ecosystem principals and collaborative management, she has worked with government, non-profit and community-based projects in the environmental field. Liana is an avid scuba diver and hiker who thrives from her relationship to nature and in facilitating connections between people and organizations for mutual benefit.