Who We Are


Demian Barrios

Vice Chair

Shelby Marhoefer
Shelby is a scientific diver-in-training going for a bachelor of sciences in marine science at the University of Hawaii Hilo. She is committed to work in conservation of coastal ecosystems to preserve our beautiful oceans. She joined Surfrider to contribute to the local community and ecosystems of Hawai`i.

Malama pono.


Elizabeth Pennock

Lizzy grew up in Colorado and moved to Hawai`i to pursue a degree in Marine Science.
“I have always loved the ocean and been dedicated to doing whatever I can to help conserve it. Joining Surfrider was a great way for me to contribute to conserving the local ocean and make a mark on ocean conservation as a whole.”

Volunteer Coordinator

Dandi Olsen

Dandi is a native Texan obsessed with the ocean. She enjoys scuba diving, restoration work, helping people and animals as well as making tex-mex.

Dandi loves being optimistic in all ways of life and giving the earth a big warm hug!


Kristen Zulli

RAP Coordinator

Katia Chikasuye


Mary Flemming
Mary is a passionate surfer and all things environment originally from Crested Butte, Colorado.

Her heart lies in travelling and exploring the various seas and environments of the world. She enjoys spending time with kids in nature, learning something new every day and being of service for great causes.