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Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) is a program that utilizes the support of volunteers to collect, analyze and share shoreline water quality data with the public. This data is important to track for locating impaired water bodies and non-point sources of pollution in order to protect human and coral ecosystem health. Following the footsteps of the successful BWTF initiatives Surfrider Chapters have running on other islands, our goal is to create a strong citizen science water quality program for the Island of Hawaii between the Kona and Hilo Chapters. To take it a step further, aim to combine our efforts with Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to form a water quality group that mirrors what Hui O Kai Wai Ola on Maui has accomplished. Their collaborative citizen science program’s data has been quality assured with a licensed laboratory to go directly into the State Department of Health’s system. This would transform Surfrider’s BWTF from a flag raising program to one that can have a direct impact on policy for watershed decision making in our state. This partnership between organizations has already formed between Liana Auliʻi (Surfrider), Erica Perez (CORAL) and Kim Falinski (TNC) along with members from The Kohala Center, Department of Aquatic Resources and Waterkeepers. With all the major frameworks in place, this funding support would help launch this program into fruition for the Island of Hawaii. 

The sister program to BWTF is the Ocean Friendly Gardens Program (OFG). These garden installations incorporate the involvement from the local community and public schools to create garden spaces that reduce sedimentation and run-off while increasing native habitat and food production. With the collaboration and coordination between the two Surfrider Chapters on the Island of Hawaii, we aim to also include partnerships with Roth Ecological Design and Kelly Earthworks for curriculum, design and landscaping support. By targeting the first installations at local charter schools, the outreach and education component will reach the school community and parents to open the door for future gardens to be installed on private properties to grow the program. In the pay-it-forward method, once a volunteer helps to install 3 OFG’s, they then become eligible for one to be installed on their property.


Support our Flagship Environmental Programs!


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Photo By REN Skincare and ElanaLoo